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Uncovering Wine Secrets Part I

Keeping all the wine knowledge retained can be quite difficult sometimes. However, if you keep some of the general principles to wine making and tasting straight, the rest pretty much follows; you truly start making connections. We will let you in on some secrets that will help you familiarize yourself with wine.

Trippin' With Wine: Toronto (Canadian Thanksgiving Edition)

Things do not get more Canadian than they do in Toronto, Ontario. Toronto is associated with such a prominent Canadian identity that there are some who actually think that it is the capital of Canada. Toronto is also repeatedly selected as one of the most livable cities in the world. Why? Because it has everything; history, employment opportunities, nature, hockey, exciting nightlife, insane amount of shopping, and last but not least tourist attractions that are at the very least a hoot and a half. So, if you are planning to take a trip in or to Canada, imagine spending the Thanksgiving Day Weekend in the most diverse and exciting city in Canada.

Our Favorite Wines for Thanksgiving Dinner

Let's all admit it, Thanksgiving dinner is one of the best parts of Thanksgiving. Sure there are tons of great things about Thanksgiving, but amazing dishes laid out on the table really is a major highlight, especially when one thinks about the stresses of having throngs of family members gathered in the house. So to make Thanksgiving a little more fun, and less stressful, we suggest trying our three favorite wines.

Trippin' With Wine: Montreal (Thanksgiving Edition)

As you can imagine, Montreal, Quebec is also the most European-influenced area you can find in Canada. While tourists often prefer Montreal for a much more metropolitan experience, towns like Quebec City also mesmerizes visitors from all around the world with its majestic European feel, from the architecture to the local culture. While Montreal itself is a lot to take in at once, driving up to Quebec City for a day-trip is always a good idea. Most importantly, just as the European pilgrims before us did, discover this phenomenal province during the Thanksgiving Day weekend. 

Trippin' With Wine: Vancouver (Thanksgiving Edition)

As previously mentioned in the Calgary article, Vancouver has taken 3rd place for being the best Canadian city to live in. Living in Vancouver, it does not surprise me that the city ranked in the top five positions, but I'll admit I may be a touch biased. Nonetheless, if you have plans to travel to the beautiful British Columbia for the Thanksgiving Day weekend, here are some of our favorite Vancouver spots.


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