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Top 5 Wine Bars In Toronto

The perfect place to experiment with different wines and food. Wines bars are ideal for people who like relaxing with a glass of wine and chatting about their day, without feeling pressured to get a meal to accompany the wine. An added bonus of hanging out at a wine bar is its low key characteristic. Nothing beats relaxing with a glass of wine and your favorite people in a quaint setting.


Two Perfectly Easy Recipes: Poor Man's Pizza & Banana Cookie Clusters

Do you also shy away from cooking just because it seems like too much work? Not having recipes at the ready that you can whip up quickly at a moment’s notice can be really inconvenient, especially if you prefer eating healthy. Until you deal with a recipe multiple times to really get comfortable and fast with the preparation process, cooking can be grueling and frustrating, especially if you live alone.

Wine Style: British Cuisine

To make pairing simple for days when thinking feels like a chore, pairing food with wine from the same region is an easy out. This trick works well and pairings turn out great, especially when one has knowledge of matching flavors or textures. Applying these rules to our favorite British foods, we chose to go Sparkling.


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