5 Stops You Need to Make in Sonoma Wine Country

Located just west of Napa Valley, Sonoma is practically the equally gorgeous sister of Napa with just as impressive wine and food delights up its sleeve. And the words decadent and elegant do not even begin to cover the experiences Sonoma Valley has to offer. So, if you are planning a weekend getaway in this beautiful wine country, and you should, here are all the must-hit stops you need to be aware of. 

1. Cafe La Haye

Cafe La Haye is for that night you want to splurge and taste the finest wines and foods - a charming and chic eatery with a seasonal, innovative American menu with dishes prepared only with local ingredients. One of the best and most elegant of Sonoma, indeed. 

2. Sunflower Caffe Espresso & Wine 

Located on the famous Sonoma Plaza, Sunflower Caffe is one of the best places to have some cocktails, wine, smoothies, or even just coffee beverages with a tasty lunch - champagne cocktails highly recommended. Sit back and let them woo you with their simple yet well-thought-out seasonal menu for breakfast & lunch.

3. LaSalette Restaurant

Another Sonoma Plaza treasure, LaSalette is one of the finest and most intimate spots in Sonoma with creative and modern takes on traditional Portuguese fare with wood-fired oven & a relaxing terrace. The classy and elegant yet laid-back atmosphere, of course, always helps.

4. the girl & the fig

The girl & the fig is another fantastic option for lunch. They serve otherworldly, creative French country food & exceptional wines at this rustic eatery with a beautiful outdoor patio. Comfort food with a strong French emphasis served with the finest wines - what could possibly go wrong?

5. Annex Wine Bar

A relaxed and friendly wine bar and beer garden with local gems and locally-sourced nightly dinners. Plus, they sometimes have live music, and they have a dog-friendly patio! If you want to enjoy a pleasant afternoon or evening indulging in delicious bites and great wines with friends, this is the place to go.