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Country – France
No country is as synonymous with the romance of fine wines as France. Her wines epitomize the ultimate flawless quality in the world of international wines; France with the grandest tradition of wine making remains a bench mark for the rest of the world. One of the largest producers of wines, the total area under cultivation is about 2,500,000 acres.  The most reputed wine regions of France are the legendary areas of Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Alsace, Languedoc – Roussillon, Loire and Rhone Valley famous for their elegant Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Gewürztraminer, Cabernet Franc and Rose.

Country – Italy
The second largest producer of wines with 2,224,000 acres under cultivation, Italy remains the most complex, stylish and exciting of wine lands with an astounding capacity for wine production. Wines are an integral part of the Italian culture and way of life.  Innovative, ground breaking and most versatile of wines of all qualities come from the wine growing regions of Piedmont, Veneto, Lombardy, Sudtirol, Trentino, Friaul, Toscana and Sardinia – an area stretching from the northern Alps to the southern tip of the country. The most significant wines of Italy are Barolo, Barbero, Proseco, Gerwurztraminer, Valpolicella Classico, Rondinella, Merlot, Cabernet, Garganega and Chianti.

Country – Spain
With 3,000,000 acres under cultivation, Spain is the largest wine country of the world, though its annual yield of grapes is less than both France and Italy due to seasonal droughts which lower grape yields. Spain is known for her rich big full bodied reds like Rioja, Garnacha, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec and the Tempranillo vines. She is also the home of Cava, the famous Spanish sparkling wine from the wine regions south of Barcelona.

Country – Germany
Country of the noble Riesling – a grape made into one of the most aromatic wines of the world, and the symbol of German quality at home and abroad for the last two centuries, followed by Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Noir. The 260,000 acres devoted to  wine growing in Germany’s cold continental climate  are situated nearer the 51st degree Latitude – the northern most limits for cultivating vines. The most notable areas for grape cultivation and wine making are: The AHR valley, Mosel , Mittelrhein, Rheingau, Nahe, Rheinhessen, Pfalz, Baden, Saale – Unstrut, Wurtemberg, Hessische Bergstrasse, and Franken.

Country – Austria
One of the oldest though smallest wine producing areas of the world, the area under cultivation in Austria is responsible for about 1% of worldwide production. However, the quality of wines from this alpine country is considered one of the best in Europe. Neiderosterreich has the largest acreage of vines, followed by Burgenland, and Steiermark.  Austria is the renowned home of the elegant Veltliner, Muller Thurgao, Riesling, and Zweigelt wines.

Country – Portugal
The cultivated area of Portugal is 618,000 acres; the country is recognized to have over 500 types of vines making it the land of the largest wine varieties. The Vinho Verde or Green Wine, Port, and Barca Velha wines are produced in traditional methods from indigenous vines. The fortified wine, Port, is the most well-known wine of Douro, Portugal. The country’s chief wine growing regions are Vinho Verde, Douro, and Alentejo.