Winery Watch: Eristavi Winery

Art comes in many forms, and two of our favorites are wine and paintings. Hence when we found a place that offered a mixture of the two at one place, the excitement understandbly went through the roof. Their event, Opening Reception: Fine Art by KC Ho & Eristavi Wine Tasting, was the perfect opportunity for us to enjoy some truly brilliant wines and fawn over new oil paintings from artist KC HO. It was an absolutely laid-back event that helped guests mingle and make new friends as they were enjoying sips from award-winning wines. And after the event, we couldn't help but write about this wonderful family-owned winery and its inspired and passionate approach to winemaking.

Eristavi Winery has kept with the traditions of the wine industry by maintaining the operation of the winery within the family. The Eristavi family goes back hundreds of years to the cradle of winemaking, the Republic of Georgia. Master vintner, also one of the present owners, Victor Eristavi masterfully combines old world winemaking techniques with modern technology to capture the essence of California grapes and handcrafted wines.

Located in an urban setting, on Potrero Avenue, the winery has the power to make you forget you are in the midst of the metropolitan city San Francisco. The open and warm tasting room are warm, welcoming, and perfect for private events. The owners, Lia, Nikolas, and Victor, are friendly and knowledgeable in their art form. Constant play with different blends has enabled them to create some truly excellent, pocket-friendly wines. Any of the bottles are perfect to take home and have for any occasion that comes to mind.

The quality of the wines is evidenced by the numerous awards several of their wines have received over the years. A total of nine wines is offered for sale on the website. Tastings at the winery include six varieties: two whites, three reds, and one rosé for a grand total of $10.00. We sincerely think you will have a hard time going wrong with any of the wines, but for the cautious at heart, we recommend sampling the staples like Zinfandel and Rouge.                                                                 

This winery is a real jewel within San Francisco, and anyone who wants quality wines at good prices needs to visit this outstanding place. What's more, if you would like to buy a unique barrel that is selected just for you, you will love their Personal Barrel Program, which ensures that you get a taste of these ultra-premium wines made from the finest California grapes. And even if you are not able to visit them in person, just contact the winery to talk about your specific preferences so that they select the ideal barrel for you.

Open for Wine Tasting

Thursday and Friday  5 - 9 pm
Saturday and Sunday 1 - 5 pm