Winery Watch: House of Rose Winery

Caricature of Shamylla, Wouter and Aura by Monte B
Image: Facebook

Though you don't need to stray far from the beaten path to come to the House of Rose, the experience and memories provided by this wonderful winery are ones that are not at all commonplace. The great success of the winery can be attributed to a host of factors that have intermingled to create the perfect place for wine lovers. 

While visiting the House of Rose Winery, you will hard-pressed not to recognize the brilliant mixture of warmth, comfort, and professionalism. The welcoming atmosphere is a defining feature of the House of Rose Winery, which is due in large part to the winery being family owned and operated. There's a level of comfort and coziness to the House of Rose that you would have a hard time experiencing at an overly commercial winery. 

Operations began around 1983 by Vern Rose. From 1983 to 1993, Vern became well acquainted with the art of winemaking. Eventually, his drive and passion for wine enabled the House of Rose Winery to become one of the first seventeen wineries in the Okanagan Valley.

The turning point came between 2007 and 2009 when the winery changed hands a few times as Vern had suffered and was recovering from a massive stroke. In April 2009, Auro Rose, Vern's daughter, took the ownership of the winery. Along with her husband and siblings, Aura has done a marvelous job of raising the bar and adapting production methods better to suit the ideas of the modern world, such as champion for the environment. Aura and Wouter are also the founding members of the business donation program at the Fresh Outlook Foundation, which raises funds for sustainability education. 

Often, those visiting the House of Rose believe the winery to be the Canadian equivalent of one you may find in Tuscany; Quaint, innovative, organic, and comforting. A homey feeling flows through the cottage-like tasting room. Talking to the staff will immediately show their knowledge of the wines, most of whom are wonderfully friendly yet very professional. This is one winery that works very hard to ensure the satisfaction of their guests. 

Perhaps, their picnic grounds are the headline; guests can enjoy the aroma of the roses as they relax among vineyards and orchards with their picnic baskets full of food and wines from the winery - or they can even bring their own. Additional winery activities include a self-guided tour through the vineyards and even art shows showcasing local artists. 

The impressive lineup of outstanding wines that range in flavor, body, and complexity will sweep wine lovers off their feet. Some of the medal-winning front runners are the Cool Splash, Hot Flash, Sweet Mystery, and a Senior Moment. Amongst the dessert wines, the Winter Wine is a must, which has won a double gold at the All Canadian Wine Championships in Ontario. Their wines are more fruit forward overall; hence, they pair well with lighter dishes and smoked meats. 

All the wines can be ordered from the winery website. Select stores throughout British Columbia also keep stock of particular bottles.